Tuesday, 09 October 2012 02:23

The International Correspondent


Magazine for expats in NL - open atelier Ellen Davidzon

Thursday, 05 July 2012 09:15

New WHG artist - Jasper Faber


We welcome Jasper Faber as a new artist to White Heather Gallery. A special selection of his work has been made to reflect this summers exhibition in London full of sports and a new city beach. Have a preview in the online gallery, but better, come and see for yourself in London.

Thursday, 05 July 2012 14:09

Bio - Jasper Faber


Jasper Faber, photographer

Born 17-05-1966 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Jasper went from semi pro windsurfer to working as a pool cleaner and carpenter in the USA. From there on, back in the Netherlands, he worked in television and the advertising world as a creative director, TV director and film dop.

He has intensively travelled the world to film and direct extreme stunts and action for advertising and televisions shows. He filmed human-interest documentaries on child rights, poverty and how different cultures live in this world.

To make his life more simple and quiet he decided to focus more on photography, only to find out, that his drive to capture the unexpected and unpredictable moments of life, created just the opposite.

Jasper’s photography style is raw, honest and in the moment and covers action, portraits and travel.

“It is the moment, the surroundings and the subject, being photographed, that dictates me in working as a photographer.”

Sunday, 17 June 2012 18:04

The Legend of White Heather


The idea that white heather is lucky was popularised by the Victorians and their love of Scottish traditions. In 1884 Queen Victoria herself wrote about her servant Mr Brown, who "espied a piece of white heather, and jumped off to pick it. No Highlander would pass by it without picking it, for it was considered to bring good luck." White heather's luck may have been attributed to it because of its scarcity, in the same way that four-leaf clovers brought other Celts luck. Other interpretations include the more romantic notion that white heather grows over the final resting places of faeries, or the idea that in a country of many ancient battles, white heather grew on patches of ground where no blood had been shed. Indeed white heather's luck appears originally to have been associated mainly with battles; in 1544 Clan Ranald attributed a victory to the fact they had worn white heather in their bonnets, and Cluny of Clan MacPherson attributed his escape after Culloden to the fact that searchers had overlooked him whilst he slept on a patch of white heather.